Lampard struck gold on Everton rising star whose value has risen by 90% this season

Since changing their manager and replacing Frank Lampard with Sean Dyche, Everton has experienced a significant improvement in their form. The former Burnley boss reunited with some of his previous players, such as Michael Keane, James Tarkowski, and Dwight McNeil, when he moved to Goodison Park, writes the FFC.

Despite the fact that the latter two had recently joined the club after Burnley’s relegation, it was a difficult start for McNeil, who had to adapt to a new environment in a team that was struggling. With high expectations placed upon him, he struggled to meet them and failed to deliver the anticipated output. However, Dyche’s return appears to have boosted his confidence and reignited his desire to perform at his best for Everton.

The player was expected to produce numerous goals and assists due to his position, but this assumption was too ambitious for someone whose style of play did not focus on these aspects. McNeil excelled when he was given the freedom to express himself on the right flank, while also effectively pressing from the front, which he has been able to do since his former boss returned.

According to FFC, when compared to other wingers in Europe, the 23-year-old is in the top 4% for tackles, top 9% for interceptions, and top 4% for clearances per 90 minutes, which supports this claim. However, it is only when he is given the opportunity to play with complete freedom that he can showcase his ability to score and provide assists, which Lampard did not fully utilize.

In four of his previous five Premier League games, the winger has received a rating of 7.1 or higher, and over the course of the season, he averages one key pass per game. With three goals and two assists to his name, he is on track to surpass some of his most successful creative seasons. Journalist Joe Prince-Wright even praised his latest goal on Twitter, describing it as a “beauty” that sent Goodison Park into a frenzy.

The rise in value of the talented player, who earns a weekly wage of £25,000, highlights how crucial he has become for Everton. The club has truly hit the jackpot with their investment in him. According to Football Transfers, his expected Transfer Value has now reached a staggering €43.1m (£37.7m), an increase of 88% in a short period of time. If Everton’s impressive form continues, with McNeil playing a key role, his value is only expected to rise further as he adapts to his crucial role at his new team.