Michael Ball Thinks £33M Everton Player Is Using the Club Is a Stepping Stone

Michael Ball who expressed the most profound discontent, particularly focusing on Amadou Onana’s performance. Ball, in an impassioned statement to the Liverpool ECHO, emphasized the Belgian midfielder’s failure to assert dominance in games where he should be a decisive factor.

Ball highlighted Onana’s unique combination of physicality and technical brilliance, characteristics that set him apart from other midfielders, despite being only 22 years old. With Everton having invested a substantial £33 million in Onana just two summers ago, the expectations for his performance remain high.

“He doesn’t do enough,” Ball asserted, suggesting that Onana’s inability to influence games could result in his departure. Ball hinted at a laissez-faire performance indicative of a player potentially eyeing a bigger move.

Drawing parallels with Manchester United’s current struggles, Ball remarked, “Manchester United have got top-quality players, but they’re in turmoil right now with pressure on their manager. It’s up to players like Onana, who seemingly want to use Everton as a stepping stone, to start showing their ability.”

Ball challenged Onana to prove his worth to Evertonians, stating, “Show us why we brought you to the football club by getting the points on the board that we need.”

As Everton faces growing scrutiny, the spotlight now rests on Onana and his ability to rise to the occasion as the Toffees seek to salvage their season.