Michail Antonio reflects on confusion with Benrahma in West Ham’s defeat to Brentford

West Ham United’s Michail Antonio has candidly opened up about the confusion that ensued between him and teammate Said Benrahma during the team’s recent 3-2 defeat to Brentford, relays the Hammer.News. The match saw a pivotal moment where Antonio intercepted the ball from Benrahma with an open goal in sight, altering the course of the game.

Despite West Ham’s loss, the outcome could have been different if not for the misunderstanding between Antonio and Benrahma. Gabby Agbonlahor, a talkSPORT pundit, labeled Antonio’s actions as “embarrassing” earlier in the week, and the 33-year-old forward was subsequently left out of the starting lineup for the Europa League clash with Olympiacos.

Reflecting on the incident, Antonio acknowledged the need for better communication on the pitch. He admitted, “When I look back at it, I possibly should have left it for him [Benrahma] because obviously I’m stretching and he’s just there, on his right foot. But the man’s got to shout. Man’s gotta shout. There was no call, he was just there, and obviously we’ve just clashed into each other as I’m trying to score, so he’s got to shout and let me know that he’s there in a better position.”

Antonio also shared the internal struggle he faced in that critical moment, stating, “To be honest, I don’t know if I would leave it anyway. Even if he was screaming in my ear, I don’t know if I would’ve left it. I’m a number nine, I ain’t scored in three months, open goal, I don’t know. I’m devastated. I didn’t sleep a wink that night; it gave me nightmares, I’m not gonna lie.”

Expressing his frustration over the missed opportunity, Antonio revealed, “The worst thing about it is I have been praying to God to get an opportunity, then it came and it just didn’t come off.”

The forward’s honest reflection provides insights into the challenges faced by players in critical moments on the field and the impact such situations can have on their mindset.