Misplaced: Journalist rubbishes fears over Reguilon buy-back to Real Madrid

It would be helpful for everyone if simple tasks such as the reporting of facts could be done without journalists treating their readers like fools, and blurring basic information with their own invention. This morning has been a great example of this. Kiro Evans for The Sun leads with what appears to be a heavy dose of gloom and doom. One cannot argue with ‘buy back clauses’ and ‘transfer returns’, eh? After all, Tottenham’s loan of Sergio Reguilon will leave us to a certain extent at the mercy of Real Madrid, who after all still own the boy.

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Spanish outlet AS simply laments the loss of 3 players as Real Madrid’s last few results have faltered.

Now he is one of the strong men of the Premier. Reguilón (sold to Tottenham), given Marcelo’s form and his age (32), could have been very necessary. Like Achraf (sold to Inter) on the other side for the future. O Ceballos (on loan to Arsenal) in the midfield ...


The source article provides the clarity and reassurance that Kiro (one can only presume) deliberately slung out the way in order to create an edge to the tale – that most likely is simply not there.

Indeed, there is a big leap from describing a player the Spanish giants were very happy to get shot of just a few weeks ago, as could have been very necessary and suggesting a recall is on the cards.

AS and The Sun forget who they are dealing with in Zidane. A coach that let Gareth Bale sit in the stands whilst draining in excess of €500,000 a week out of the club.

Is a player that was branded expendable, suddenly going to save Zinedine’s season? Could Real Madrid recall Sergio? Of course. Equally, Boris Johnson could announce in the House of Commons tomorrow that Brexit is giving him a headache and upon reflection, he’s decided to keep the United Kingdom in the EU.

Source: Theboyhotspur