Mourinho slams Tottenham players: Not strong enough psychologically

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho was furious with his players after they blew a 3-0 lead against West Ham United, as reports the TribalFootball.

Mourinho is never shy to have a go at his players in public, even if means harming his relationship with them.

He pulled no punches as his team went from 3-0 up in the 81st minute to 3-3 by full time.

“Football. Of course I have to analyse the second half and have to do it internally, but for you I prefer to say football happened, and praise West Ham’s belief,” he said to Sky Sports.

‘It is not easy to be losing 3-0 and be dominated, to keep the belief. I knew they are a different team to last season, but to lose an advantage of three goals is a big punishment and eventually deserved.

“I found already by analysing from the touchline, some things are completely out of the context, once more an indirect free-kick, the own goal, the third is a free-kick and second ball, a rebound.

“The game was under control, we had Harry Kane to score the fourth when he hit the post, Gareth Bale to kill the game. The game was more to the fourth goal, but that’s football.

“Not deliberately, but the team was dropping, with [Harry] Winks we found balance again and was in control. It was exactly when we were in control that we conceded the first and their belief went up. My guys were not strong enough to cope with it psychologically. The last few seconds we lost two points.”