Moyes admits that West Ham player has long way to go to be top class in role

David Moyes has stated that one of his players still has a long way to go before reaching top-class in his role, ahead of the crucial match against Fulham, writes the HammerNews.

It is crucial for a team in West Ham’s position to have a unified mindset and focus, with the entire team and board being “on message” in order to avoid relegation from the Premier League. However, recent events suggest that this may not be the case at West Ham, with key players such as Declan Rice and Vladimir Coufal publicly questioning Moyes’ tactics.

In the past, West Ham had been a close-knit group with a preference for keeping things in-house, but this seems to have changed this season as players have been sending cryptic messages during the team’s struggles. Following the 5-1 defeat to Newcastle, Moyes and Rice had differing views on the team’s performance over the past two years, with Moyes insisting that fans have been spoiled while Rice urging the club to move on.

Additionally, Moyes has been accused of throwing several players “under the bus” this season, contributing to rumors of discontent behind the scenes.

The boss has made some new remarks ahead of the crucial match against Fulham, but they may not be received positively. Moyes has commented that one player from West Ham has a significant way to go before becoming a top-class player in his position.

When questioned if he had scolded the players after the game against Newcastle, Moyes replied, “When you’re the leader, there’s no one right way to do everything. It’s whatever way you think is best to handle the situation.”

This season, Moyes has faced criticism for blaming some players for the team’s poor performances. These comments are reportedly part of a longer list of complaints that players have against the manager, fueling rumors of unrest in the club.

“Yes (you hope players police themselves), but also over the years, we’ve had Mark Noble in the dressing room and he would’ve certainly policed them and organised them.

“We’re still in a little bit of a changeover period. We’ve got a great young captain but maybe still got a bit to go as far as all the other sides of the game as well.

“That’ll come with age and experience. But overall, they don’t need to be told too much.”