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‘Not Mason Mount’ – Chelsea fans decide on new captain to replace Cesar Azpilicueta


Not only do we have a summer squad rebuild to start under new ownership, we also have a pretty big decision to make sure we get right for the future of the club, writes the TalkChelsea.

If Cesar Azpilicueta leaves as is what is expected this summer, then the club needs a new permanent captain. Naturally, Jorginho takes the reigns being vice already, and if he stays, that is what I’d expect to happen and then one of the below players step up as the new vice. So, I included Jorginho in the poll today for that reason, but there is every chance that he still leaves this summer.

I wanted to gauge opinion from Blues fans so I asked who they would like to see become the next club captain on a permanent basis after Azpilicueta, and the answers were largely quite clear.

Thiago Silva was the most popular selection with 43% of the votes. Next up was Reece James with 24% of the votes, followed by Jorginho and Mason Mount, who both got 17% of the votes. These votes were out of 10,000 plus voters, so it’s a good indication of what Blues fans want to see.

It would be Thiago Silva for me for the next one or two seasons if Jorginho leaves, and I’d select Mason Mount or Reece James as vice-captain for now. I cannot choose between the two, but I’d make one of them vice until Silva leaves just to get the captaincy experience without the real pressure of being the club captain. I think this would be a nice and natural progression.

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