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‘Now I am worried’: Some Arsenal fans rocked by news coming from Chelsea last night


Arsenal fans are concerned about news from Chelsea last night suggested that N’Golo Kante and Romelu Lukaku would be fit to face them, informs TBR.

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel told the Blues’ official website that both Kante and Lukaku are likely to be available for the weekend.

The comments may have caused great excitement at Chelsea, but they have seriously worried Arsenal fans, who are not in the most confident mood at the moment.

It is fair to say that Arsenal have not made the most auspicious start to the season.

Their opening day defeat to Brentford caused major concern among their fan base, as they lost 2-0 and very rarely got going.
Worrying start

Arsenal’s centre-back pairing struggled up against the powerful Ivan Toney and there is naturally a big concern that Lukaku could dominant them in the air too.

Lukaku will be making his second debut for Chelsea if he plays at the weekend, and Tuchel’s side are expected to be an even bigger attacking threat with him in the team.

Chelsea won 3-0 in their first game of the season against Crystal Palace, with both Kante and Lukaku on the sidelines.

And the lack of optimism among Arsenal fans really does highlight their struggles at the moment.

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