Pendit left shocked after Everton midfielder’s performance

In a live broadcast on the BBC’s Final Score, pundit Rachel Brown-Finnis couldn’t hide her amazement as Idrissa Gueye scored the winning goal for Everton against Crystal Palace on Saturday, writes the GoodisonNews. The thrilling 3-2 victory at Selhurst Park left Brown-Finnis applauding the team’s remarkable transformation in just a few games.

Reflecting on the Senegalese international’s decisive goal on the 86th minute, Brown-Finnis remarked, “What a difference a few games has made.” She acknowledged the challenging times Everton has faced over the past couple of years but highlighted the resilience of the traveling fans who stood by their team during the tough periods.

“Oh my goodness, what a difference a few games has made,” Brown-Finnis exclaimed. “Talking the last couple of games, there’s been some positivity about Everton fans around the city. I’m talking a couple of years of doldrums of tough times of hardship. Those fans that are there, traveling to Crystal Palace, if this game finishes as it is, have been rewarded for standing by their team.”

The recent positive results for Everton come after narrowly avoiding relegation in the past two seasons. The victory against Crystal Palace showcased the progress under manager Sean Dyche and the resilience within the team.

Despite facing uncertainty, with the possibility of a points deduction looming, Everton has opened up an eight-point gap from the relegation zone. The win allows them to shift their focus upward in the table, leaving behind the struggles of recent seasons.

After enduring dark times, there is now a palpable sense of positivity around the club. The three points against Palace signify a step in the right direction, and Everton fans can look forward to a more optimistic future in the coming weeks. As Sean Dyche’s influence continues to shape the team, Everton aims to build on their recent success and maintain momentum in the Premier League.