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‘Possession brand of football’ – Tottenham increasingly likely to hire Spaniard after Euro 2020


When Jose Mourinho was canned over seven weeks ago, Tottenham assured everyone a manager would be in place prior to the kickoff of Euro 2020, writes the HotspurHQ.

That outcome is now more unlikely than Eric Dier going a full season without committing a grave error. Any manager in charge of a national side, including Roberto Martinez, was originally thought to be ruled out of contention due to their summer commitment.

However, as time elapses without a permanent solution in place, Martinez’s name becomes evermore prevalent in Tottenham’s next manager conversation. Martinez, who has been the Red Devils manager since 2016, is set to lead Belgium into Euro 2020. Though his future after the tournament is distinctly uncertain.

He is the type of manager that would appeal to Daniel Levy. Martinez promotes an enterprising, possession brand of football.

He likes his teams to play on the front foot, with flare and dynamism. While there is a ton of debate as to whether the charismatic Spaniard is the right man for the job, Toby Alderweireld vouches for his gaffer, recently singing his praises, saying he wants Martinez to remain his manager, either for club or country, for the foreseeable future.

Martinez is definitely on Tottenham’s shortlist, a list that, thanks to candidates dropping like flies, is substantially shorter than last week. All things considered, that list currently consists of Graham Potter, Jurgen Klinsmann, Brendan Rodgers, whose appointment is extremely unlikely, and Erik ten Hag, who just signed an extension at Ajax.

Based on that list, Martinez looks a more appealing candidate with every passing day. And his exit from Euro 2020 might now align perfectly with Tottenham’s disconcertingly laggard timeline.

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