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‘Possibility is now dead’ – If there were doubts about Kane’s Tottenham future, there aren’t anymore


The slight chance of Harry Kane remaining at Tottenham, before the club’s well documented mishandling of the manager search, is now gone, writes the HotspurHQ.

Kane is waiting for Tottenham to hire a new manager and Euro 2020 to conclude before he decides which path his future will take. The past six weeks at Hotspur Way, however, will do little to convince Kane to stay put at his boyhood club for another season.

Bearing witness to the way in which club affairs have been handled since shedding light on his future, Kane, akin to large swaths of Tottenham’s faithful, must be in awe of Daniel Levy’s utter incompetence. That doesn’t bode well for the club and their ability to convince Spurs’ talisman to stick around for another campaign.

Prior to Tottenham’s pursuit of Mauricio Pochettino and Antonio Conte falling flat, there was a tangible hope that Kane, contingent on one of the two elite gaffers being appointed, might change his mind about leaving Spurs.

I fear that possibility is now dead.

No disrespect whatsoever to Paulo Fonseca, who I’m sure has bundles of desirable character traits and attributes to offer, but he’s certainly no Pep Guardiola. In his interview with Gary Neville a few weeks back, Kane spoke about his fear of looking back on his career with regret.

Knowing what we do now, it’s inconceivable to think Kane will be content to stay at Tottenham for a rebuild under Fonseca’s tutelage. And while Fonseca’s appointment, if it’s confirmed, will bear some weight in Kane’s final decision, it’s not the prospect of signing the Portuguese manager that has sealed Tottenham’s fate in regards to Kane.

It’s the overall disorganized, knee-jerk mismanagement of club affairs that will, in part, lead to Kane’s exodus. It’s by no means the only reason Kane will part ways with Spurs, but the debacle of the last eight weeks certainly doesn’t help matters.

I hope dearly I’m proven wrong, but it’s hard to believe Kane will still place unwavering trust in Daniel Levy and company after watching things unravel so purposelessly.

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