‘Probably made mistakes’ – Andros Townsend gives honest opinion of Everton board

Andros Townsend expressed his hope that Bill Kenwright receives the recognition he deserves if he steps down from his position as chairman of Everton, writes the LiverpoolEcho. The 31-year-old acknowledged Kenwright’s passion and love for the club while also admitting that he may have made mistakes. Townsend also praised former chief executive Denise Barrett-Baxendale, describing her as “amazing.”

As Townsend is set to leave the club this summer, he emphasized that his perspective is based on his two years as a player for Everton. Last week, Barrett-Baxendale’s departure was announced, and there is still uncertainty surrounding Kenwright’s position. The club had initially planned to release an announcement regarding his future last week.

During an interview with Talksport, Townsend shared his opinion on the senior figures at Everton. Following consecutive battles against relegation and fan protests regarding the club’s management, the departures of three out of the four board directors were announced last week. This included Barrett-Baxendale, chief finance officer Grant Ingles, and non-executive director Graeme Sharp.

Everton stated that the position of the remaining director, Kenwright, would be clarified along with details of interim board appointments. However, this update has not been released yet.

Townsend said: “I have only been there a couple of years but I can only speak from my experience. Denise was amazing, she was so dedicated at her job. Bill, I know he has had his stick as well, the fans want him out but again, the dealings I have had with him. Such a passionate man.

“He came in and did a talk at the end of the first season and really just poured his heart out saying how much he loved the club, how much he wanted us to survive, how much it has been in his blood for the last however many years. He is really passionate, yes he has probably made mistakes but that guy cares about Everton Football Club and I hope the fans, yes they want him out, they want new ownership, they want new people in but that man is Everton through and through so I hope once all is said and done he does get the credit he deserves from the fanbase.”