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Report: Everton and West Ham want to sign’incredible’player who earns£416k-a-week


Everton and West Ham United are both interested in signing Real Madrid winger Eden Hazard as his torrid time in Spain comes towards its end.

That’s according to The Sunday Mirror (05/12, p70), who claim that Hazard fancies heading back to the Premier League.

Hazard’s options aren’t in the traditional top six though, with clubs seemingly put off by his injury problems.

Instead, it’s Everton and West Ham who could sign Hazard. Real Madrid are prepared to axe him for around £25.5million.

Hazard allegedly earns around £416,000-a-week at Real Madrid and there is no chance Everton or West Ham are paying that.

It’s hard to imagine either side even paying half of that, so this rumour seems bizarre at best.

Both sides need to move away from signing ageing players with bad injury records and high wages.

Hazard ticks all the wrong boxes at the moment, even if he was a Premier League superstar during his time at Chelsea.

The Belgian ace has recently been branded an ‘incredible talent’ by Frank Lampard, and many would agree based on his Chelsea days.

With just 25 league starts in over two years and his 31st birthday approaching, Hazard may be one for Everton and West Ham to avoid.

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