Report: West Ham ask for ‘little more time’ to make transfer decision

Nikola Vlašić, currently on loan at Torino from West Ham United, has an uncertain future regarding his next season’s destination. Torino has an option to purchase him for €13 million, but recent reports from Tuttosport indicate that they aim to secure his services for a lower fee of under €9 million, writes the SW.

According to another report from Tuttosport, Torino is now waiting for West Ham’s response, which will play a crucial role in their decision-making process regarding the 25-year-old midfielder. Torino also has a decision to make regarding the purchase of another loan player, Aleksei Miranchuk from Atalanta. As of now, it remains unclear what Torino’s intentions are for both players, and even Vlašić and Miranchuk themselves are uncertain about the outcome of the situation.

After experiencing difficulties last season, the Croatia international, Nikola Vlašić, has no intention of returning to West Ham. As mentioned earlier, Torino’s director, Davide Vagnati, is eagerly awaiting a response from West Ham, likely aiming to negotiate a deal for a significantly lower amount than the €13 million purchase option.

It is reported that West Ham is aware of Torino’s intentions and has requested additional time to provide a response. Their priority is currently focused on securing their place in the Premier League, as they require just one more point from their remaining two games.

The lack of desire on the part of Vlašić and his fellow loanee, Miranchuk, to return to their parent clubs gives Torino an opportunity to negotiate improved terms. If West Ham and Atalanta decline to offer discounts or extend the loan deals, then Torino would need to make a decision regarding the future of the two players.

Tuttosport wrote: ‘But West Ham and Atalanta are not sleeping, they too keep their antennas straight: they will be able to try to sell Vlašić and Miranchuk to other clubs, just in case, trying to keep the price up better.’