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Report: West Ham United and several PL clubs face £10m losses as Premier League agree new rules

According to a report from The Times on 29 March, West Ham United, along with seven other Premier League teams, currently have a gambling company’s logo on the front of their shirts, informs the WHZ.

The Hammers’ kits display Betway’s logo at present. However, the Premier League is reportedly set to agree on a new rule voluntarily banning this practice. As a result, clubs may face an annual loss of between £5-10m from their income. Gambling firms are willing to pay large sums to claim that space since they consider football fans a significant portion of their market. However, a vote is expected to take place in the summer to put an end to this practice.

Although West Ham is currently not facing any financial difficulties, there is a possibility of losing significant income due to the ban. The absence of gambling sponsors on shirts of the “Big Six” clubs means that they will not be affected by the new rules, which will result in an increase in the financial gap between them and the other clubs. While new companies will fill the sponsorship spaces on shirts, it is unlikely that they will pay the same amounts as the betting companies, creating a revenue shortfall for many clubs.

Although it is a difficult situation, the decision to ban gambling advertisements on shirts is the right one to prevent gambling addiction from being promoted in the sport. However, it is unfortunate that clubs will face financial losses of up to £10m per year and will have to find alternative sources of revenue to compensate for it.