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Romano reveals what he’s been ‘told’ about Harry Kane at Tottenham


Journalist Fabrizio Romano has been talking about Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur and how boss Antonio Conte will play a role in proceedings.

Kane’s future has arguably been one of the biggest stories in world football in recent years, with the summer transfer window dominated with reports that he could be on the move to Manchester City.

A recent report from The Athletic has hinted that Manchester United could well join the race to sign him at some point as well, so it’s very possible that we see a repeat of last summer happening during the 2022 window.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Here We Go podcast, Romano explained what the future held for the England captain, noting that the club’s efforts to keep hold of him will actually revolve around what happens in the Spurs dugout with Conte, whose future has been brought into question in recent weeks following an outburst about the club’s plans in the transfer window.

He said: “What I’m told on Harry Kane, in particular on Tottenham’s side, is that his future is really linked to Antonio Conte. I don’t see Antonio Conte staying at Tottenham without Harry Kane as part of the Tottenham project.

“He wants the ambition, he wants to feel the winning mentality, and a winning mentality for Tottenham means to keep Harry Kane at the club and to make Harry Kane a key player for the present and the future of the club.

“So that’s why for Antonio Conte it’s really important to keep Kane, then let’s see what happens with Conte, too. But the plan at the moment with Tottenham is to make an effort again to keep Kane at the club and this will be the intention for Daniel Levy.

“So it’s not going to be an easy one again for Harry Kane, and Man City know that so well, because last summer they were trying and trying for Kane, but was not an option for Daniel Levy.”

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