Scamacca: ‘I scored three goals in the Cup in seven games’

In an extensive interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, West Ham United striker Gianluca Scamacca revealed his deep connection to Rome and his aspirations to play for the city’s renowned club once again, relays the KUMB. The 24-year-old, currently based in London, expressed his love for the Italian capital and his admiration for Jose Mourinho, emphasizing that a potential return to Serie A would not signify failure in the Premier League.

Reflecting on West Ham’s success in winning the Conference League, Scamacca shared his joy and pride in the team’s achievement, stating, “The Conference League win was a great joy for everyone: it was our passion from the beginning of the season.” Despite not featuring in the final against Fiorentina, he still felt a strong connection to the triumph, adding, “I didn’t play in the final against Fiorentina, it’s true, but of course I feel the Conference is mine. I scored three goals in the Cup in seven games.”

Addressing the potential return to Italy and the possibility of reuniting with Mourinho at Roma, Scamacca clarified that such a decision would not stem from an inability to adapt to the Premier League. He asserted, “If I return to Serie A, it is not because I’ve failed in England. Simply, it would be an irrefutable chance. It wouldn’t be a step back; our league is one of the best.”

Rome holds a special place in Scamacca’s heart, and he expressed his deep connection to the city, saying, “Rome is home to me. Francesco Totti has been my idol since I was a kid, and which player wouldn’t dream of being coached by Mourinho? I am convinced he would motivate me, and I would improve even more.” The young striker emphasized that his decisions have always been guided by his heart and that he would continue to do so. However, he made it clear that he remains a dedicated West Ham player and is currently content with his situation at the club.

Scamacca revealed that he has discussed the possibility of returning to Rome with his close friend and Roma captain, Lorenzo Pellegrini. While their conversations have been lighthearted, the topic remains a subject of interest between the two.

When asked about the prospect of playing in the Middle East, a trend seen among several players in recent years, Scamacca responded, “It’s still too early for me. Arabia is becoming a power, but now I must remain in Europe and try to write a piece of history.”

As Scamacca openly expresses his desire for a future return to Rome and the potential opportunity to work with Mourinho, football fans eagerly await the next chapter in his career. Whether he remains in England or fulfills his dream of representing the city and club he holds dear, Scamacca’s passion and commitment to leaving a mark in European football remain unwavering.