Simon Jordan Defends Everton’s Premier League Status Amidst Relegation Threat

Simon Jordan came to Everton’s defense, asserting their right to remain in the Premier League despite the looming threat of relegation. This defense came in response to questioning from Jim White regarding the club’s merit to compete at the top level.

Jordan, speaking on the radio program on March 13, emphasized Everton’s on-field performance, suggesting that their current position in the league table does not reflect their capabilities. He stated, “The answer to the question is, ‘Yes they do’. Because on the field they would be 14th in the league.”

Acknowledging Everton’s recent struggles, Jordan attributed their precarious position to off-field mismanagement rather than lack of sporting ability. He pointed out that despite their performance on the pitch, the club has been dragged closer to relegation due to administrative issues.

Furthermore, Jordan, along with pundit Danny Murphy, expressed confidence in manager Sean Dyche’s ability to steer the team clear of relegation. However, the failure to capitalize on opportunities, such as the recent 2-0 defeat at Manchester United, raised doubts about Everton’s fate.

Jim White highlighted Everton’s nerve-racking situation, with the specter of a points deduction still looming over the club. He emphasized the uncertainty surrounding their Premier League status, asserting, “They cannot relax until the final ball is kicked, and beyond, because they might get bad news after the end of the season.”

Murphy echoed concerns about Everton’s inability to convert dominance into goals, suggesting that this deficiency could spell trouble for the club. White then posed the critical question: “Because of that do they deserve to stay in the Premier League?”

Despite Murphy’s hesitation to provide a direct response, Jordan reiterated his stance, reiterating Everton’s right to remain in the top flight. He concluded by expressing confidence in Dyche’s leadership and the team’s potential to secure safety.