Simon Jordan offered his take on Moshiri’s takeover saga and motivations

Everton’s takeover saga continues to be a source of frustration for fans and pundits alike. At the center of the issue is Farhad Moshiri, the club’s majority shareholder.

Moshiri has been criticized for his handling of the situation, particularly his insistence on selling to the troubled 777 Partners despite their apparent lack of financial resources.

Speaking on talkSPORT, pundit Simon Jordan offered his take on Moshiri’s motivations.

“People’s financial circumstances change,” Jordan said. “The appetite changes. If you’ve lost £750m in a football club I think your appetite is going to be very limited to keep throwing any more money at it.”

Jordan suggests Moshiri might be “asset-rich” but “cash-poor,” unwilling to sell off other assets to fund Everton.

“He may well not want to fund this football club,” Jordan continued. “The question is does he not want to because he can’t, or does he not want to because he won’t?”

Jordan believes Moshiri is seeking to offload the financial burden of the club while still securing a return on his investment.

“He continues to accept loans upon loans,” Jordan noted. “As I see it, he is seeking to push the financial burden of the club onto the next owner whilst keeping it alive so he can still make some kind of return on a sale.”

Jordan’s analysis suggests that Moshiri is prioritizing his own financial gain over the long-term health of the club. With no clear end in sight to the takeover saga, Everton’s future remains uncertain.