‘Sorted West Ham out’ – Former boss speaks out with another relegation looming

Sam Allardyce has made a return to the Premier League, albeit facing a challenging task in attempting to save Leeds from relegation, which now appears likely, writes the WHW.

The former West Ham manager, who had a four-season tenure with the East London club, has now taken charge of Leeds in an effort to salvage their disappointing season with a last-minute turnaround. Despite being appointed only earlier this month, Allardyce had just four games to secure Premier League safety. However, things have not gone according to plan, as Leeds have managed to gather only one point from their last three matches.

Heading into their final game, they will need to defeat Tottenham Hotspur while also relying on Bournemouth to defeat Everton, with West Ham also needing to secure victory at the King Power Stadium. Allardyce returned to his former club, West Ham, last Sunday, but it was the Hammers who emerged victorious with a 3-1 win. This defeat further diminishes Leeds’ chances of avoiding relegation, yet they are hopeful that this weekend’s results will work in their favor.

Allardyce was brought in as a short-term manager in the hopes of achieving positive outcomes, and he has now expressed his thoughts on his future with the club. While remaining somewhat discreet about the situation, the Leeds manager believes the club turned to him based on his successful tenure with West Ham.

Allardyce spoke after the defeat against West Ham: “I’ll tell you if I’m here or not. I won’t tell you now. It’s private. It didn’t take me long to work it out, when you have 1155 games.”

“I sorted this club [West Ham] out when I came, I’ve sorted a few other clubs out. The experience is all there to know what is wrong and what is right and what you have to put right.” he added.

“So if at the end of the season whatever discussion we have, we’ll have that discussion.”