Soucek encourages Michail Antonio to deliver on bold West Ham prediction against Liverpool

West Ham’s Tomas Soucek has issued a friendly challenge to his teammate Michail Antonio, urging him to back up his confident predictions with goals that could propel West Ham to a higher finish than Liverpool in the upcoming season, relays the WHZ.

Antonio had stirred the pot during his appearance on the “Footballer’s Football” podcast by boldly stating, “I am backing myself over Liverpool. You know what, I think we are going to finish higher than Liverpool this season. I’m putting it out there.”

Soucek, the midfield dynamo for West Ham, shed light on the camaraderie within the team regarding Antonio’s podcast antics. He emphasized that the comments made by Antonio were a source of amusement among the squad. In a recent interview with the Sunday Mirror, Soucek commented, “Micky does lots of interviews that are funny, and we just laugh about it!”

While Soucek acknowledged the entertaining aspect of Antonio’s podcast appearances, he made it clear that the responsibility to turn Antonio’s prediction into reality rests squarely on the shoulders of the Jamaican international. West Ham, gearing up to face Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday, must strive to live up to Antonio’s assertion.

“It’s great that he has this show, but, in terms of what he is saying, it’s something we need to follow through,” Soucek remarked, underlining the need for action to match the words. Soucek, with an optimistic outlook, expressed his hope that Antonio’s prophecy might indeed come to fruition. However, he stressed the importance of Antonio contributing significantly in the goal-scoring department to propel West Ham ahead of Liverpool in the standings.

As the new season unfolds, West Ham fans eagerly await the outcome of this friendly challenge within their ranks. Whether Michail Antonio can turn his confident prediction into reality remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – the competition for supremacy between West Ham and Liverpool will be a compelling storyline to watch throughout the season.