“Terrible idea. No. No. And no” – many Spurs fans react to club’s latest initiative

In the last few days I gave you my thoughts on a new initiative launched, designed to get fans back into stadiums. Together with a petition, the #LetFansIn movement got the backing of THFC, arguing that fans ought to start to be allowed back into football grounds. I made my thoughts clear. The suggestion at this time is as daft as daft can be.

Whatever people’s opinions on how the British government are handling the pandemic, the idea of encouraging any indiscriminate initiative is no help to anyone. While the Tottenham board may we want to start making a dent in the £3million match day revenue they’re losing at every hone game, most people simply aren’t interested. Here are some photos taken in London in the last 48hours. There simply isn’t the appetite with the public to return to normal.

Perhaps the penny will eventually drop at 10 Downing Street and steps will be taken to focus all the government’s resources on the vulnerable, and let herd immunity take care of the virus for those that are physically able to cope with it.

Liverpool Street 17.38pm Thursday
Victoria Underground, main concourse last night at 7.30pm

Source: The Boy Hotspur