‘That’s a penalty for me’ – Shearer reacts to controversial penalty call

Alan Shearer expressed his disbelief at the non-awarding of a penalty, leaving fans and football pundits stunned, writes the GN. The Toffees secured all three points in the Premier League encounter at the City Ground, with Dwight McNeil’s goal proving to be the decisive factor.

The contentious moment occurred when Abdoulaye Doucoure appeared to pull Ryan Yates’s shirt in the box, prompting Shearer to voice his astonishment during BBC Match of the Day. The former striker drew parallels with a similar incident in the previous week’s game between Brighton and Forest, where a penalty was awarded for a comparable offense.

“It’s not too dissimilar to what happened last week between Brighton and Forest,” Shearer remarked. “One went for them, one went against them last week. This is what drives footballers, coaches, managers, and fans mad, the lack of consistency. Because last week, this was a penalty.”

Shearer emphasized the frustration arising from the inconsistency in refereeing decisions, questioning why a similar incident did not result in a penalty this time. “How is that not? You can’t be giving a penalty one week for pulling and not the next week. Clearly he’s pulled his shirt there. That’s a penalty for me.”

The incident took place right in front of the referee, adding to the bewilderment surrounding the decision. Everton fans, already feeling unlucky due to the recent 10-point Premier League deduction imposed on the club, witnessed their team climb from 19th to 18th place after the victory at the City Ground.

While the focus is understandably on the crucial three points for Everton, the controversial non-awarding of the penalty to Nottingham Forest remains a talking point. Despite the hands-on nature of Doucoure’s challenge on Yates in the penalty box, the referee opted not to point to the spot, leading to frustration for Yates, manager Steve Cooper, and the disbelief of football pundits like Alan Shearer.