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‘The first time I contacted them’ – Rudiger reveals who convinced him to join Real Madrid


Antonio Rudiger is no longer a Chelsea player, after he was unveiled as a Real Madrid man yesterday, but how did we get to this, and how did we end up losing one of Europe’s best defenders on a free, writes the Chelsea News.

According to Rudiger in his unveiling at the Bernabeu yesterday, there was one man who swung it – Carlo Ancelotti.

The way that Rudi tells it, he was pretty undecided until Ancelotti jumped in, as you can see in his quotes from the Guardian:

“The first time I contacted them – not really myself but my agent – was in September of last year. The second time was me speaking directly with Ancelotti in April. That was the most important moment. It was there that I took the decision to play for this club with Mr Ancelotti.”

We hope Rudiger knows that Real Madrid like to sack their manager almost as often as Chelsea do. Ancelotti was under pretty intense pressure as recently as this season – where he ended up winning the league and the Champions League.

With Rudiger in his back line, they should be in line to compete for top titles once again this year, and Ancelotti can feel a lot more comfortable.

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