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“There are problems”: Journalist shares where Spurs went wrong over Conte approach


Spurs have sadly failed in their pursuit of Antonio Conte.

Tottenham were in talks with the Italian manager as a potential replacement for Jose Mourinho.

However, BBC Sport claims negotiations have ground to a halt and won’t be resuming.

The outlet says there were “suggestions from Italy” that Conte had doubts over Tottenham’s transfer budget.

The outlet also hints at differences between Conte’s reputation for buying ready-made stars and Spurs’ penchant for developing talents.

Duncan Castles, speaking on the Transfer Window podcast, has claimed that Conte wasn’t happy with the salary on offer.

In addition, the Italian is reportedly holding out for the Paris Saint-Germain job amid reports claiming Mauricio Pochettino wants to leave.

“The brief from Conte’s camp is that there are problems over the proposal Levy has made to them in terms of players and recruitment of players and building a squad capable of winning titles,” said Castles.

“There are problems over the salary. Conte was on €12m net as a basic salary at Inter. Levy hasn’t offered him that.

“There is one other big job in European football that Conte thinks could open up and that’s PSG.

“Pochettino has been trying to get out of PSG, he offered himself to Real Madrid. Madrid took that seriously, PSG responded by activating a clause in his contract to extend it.

“The offer came from Ancelotti and Madrid took that, so Pochettino’s ambition to manage Madrid had to be put on hold.

“Conte is well aware that there is turmoil at PSG, that Pochettino would like to get out and he’s hoping that the PSG job will open up in time for him to take that rather than the Tottenham job.”

It feels like a big blow that Spurs couldn’t secure Conte’s services.

But at the end of the day, if the club and the coach aren’t on the same wavelength, it’s not going to work out.

Castles claims that Conte wasn’t pleased with the salary on offer, which is fair enough.

Spurs reportedly paid Jose Mourinho £15million a year, and sacking him would’ve cost the club a lot of money.

Besides, Tottenham seem to be keen on a manager who prioritises nurturing talent instead of buying ready-made players.

Again, Spurs cannot afford to buy multiple top players, hence the need to nurture and improve what they’ve got.

Besides, if Conte does get the PSG job, that would mean Pochettino would be free.

And if the former Spurs boss returns to his beloved Premier League club, then that’s no bad thing.

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