‘They are all aware of that’ – Moyes tells West Ham players they are not yet safe

Despite West Ham’s recent improvement, David Moyes is not setting a points target for the remainder of the season and believes that his team is not yet safe, reports the Evening Standard.

West Ham’s 4-0 victory over Bournemouth on Sunday secured ten points from their last five Premier League games, placing them in 13th position and six points clear of the relegation zone, with an extra game in hand. However, the high number of teams still fighting to avoid relegation suggests that the threshold for survival may be lower than the customary 40-point benchmark set by managers.

Despite currently holding 34 points, Moyes rejected the notion that his team is one win away from securing their Premier League status before their upcoming match against Liverpool tomorrow night.

“I don’t think it would be fair to say what we think [we need] to stay up, but we do feel that we’ve got to get more points than we’ve got at the moment, that is for sure,” he said. “[But if] we have to get more, then it means the teams below us have to get more as well. I think they are all aware of that.

“I think other results do matter at this time of the season, it doesn’t matter what anybody says. More importantly, you have to look after your own and if you win your own, you take care of your own business. [But] yes, we’ll be looking at all the other games like so many other teams will be as well.”