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Thomas Tuchel names four relentless Chelsea aces to help close the gap on Liverpool and Man City


Thomas Tuchel does not believe there should be an overreaction to Chelsea’s results, but is not worried whether his team are fit to be title-contenders at this stage of the season.

The Blues had been the early pacemakers in the Premier League, but defeat to West Ham last weekend after dropping points to Manchester United saw Tuchel’s men fall to third in the division behind Manchester City and Liverpool.

Chelsea sit just two points off the top of the table, but recent weeks have seen the side appear less convincing in their quality.

The Blues boss is not panicking yet but hinted that the Blues must be realistic with their expectations without the likes of N’Golo Kante, Ben Chilwell, Mateo Kovacic and Jorginho.

The German coach said: “We have to be careful that we don’t make things bigger than they are. We played a draw against Man United at home. Then we had really average performance at Watford but we won. We had a good performance over let’s say most minutes of the match against West Ham and we lost it.

“This can happen but we are pushing for very good performances all the time. Even if we have a bad day, you can push yourself to a certain limit that I agree we did not reach against Watford and West Ham and Zenit. We did not fully reach it and we get punished.

“This game is also about luck and being lucky and unlucky. You get punished and suddenly things seem worse than they are. You get punished at West Ham with a shot that will never happen again this season and an almost similar one against Zenit. And still we want to be aware it’s four times a lead, six goals conceded. It’s very untypical.

“The most important thing is not to get carried away by the big picture. Fair enough, it’s ok that you try to imply the bigger picture of are we ready to be in a title race. Because were we ready to win the Champions League last January? I don’t know.

“We didn’t think about it and by not thinking about it we won it. So are we ready to be in a title race? I don’t know. Until now it seems like it by just doing what we do on the highest level possible. We just have to go back to our highest level.

“Then we can produce consistent results. Then it’s horrible to play against us. If we drop effort, if we drop focus, if we drop by leading, it makes absolutely no sense. We should not let it become a behavior.”

Tuchel then named a quartet of injured players who have missed recent games – and how key they could be in the title battle.

He added: “But we’re talking about being relentless, we’re talking about work. We’re talking about speed, about physical input. We talk about N’Golo, we talk about Kovacic, we talk about Ben Chilwell. These guys are about high speed, about relentless, about unthankful work. Jorgi, who plays with one and a half legs at the moment – it’s the truth.

“Sometimes we have to reflect on ourselves. Is it unfair what we ask at the moment to demand and maybe not have the capacity to be that close? This is a constant balance and evaluation of the situation.”

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