Tony Bellew Blasts Farhad Moshiri for His Big Everton Failure

Tony Bellew expressed his dismay regarding the ongoing PSR saga, shedding light on the club’s stance amidst the controversy.

“With Everton being at the forefront of this controversy, it’s only natural for us to feel aggrieved, particularly in light of the latest developments,” Bellew remarked.

The frustration stemmed from the contrasting treatment received by Everton and Nottingham Forest, with the latter facing only a nominal four-point deduction despite breaching regulations to a greater extent.

In an exclusive conversation with Jeff Stelling on talkSPORT (19/03, 8:10 am), Bellew did not mince words in criticizing the ownership’s role in plunging the club into such a predicament. When questioned about his thoughts on Sean Dyche’s suitability for the managerial role, Bellew redirected the focus to the broader issues plaguing the club.

“You’ve got to be fully behind him [Sean Dyche],” Bellew asserted. “I’m sick and tired of the revolving door of managers. He’s done a fantastic job… He’s working with the hand he’s dealt, which is very, very tough.”

He continued, “Like I said before, the hand he’s dealt is very, very tough. We basically can’t bring anybody in; we’ve got no money to spend… It’s just madness, it really is.”