Tony Cascarino shared a unanimous viewpoint on Everton’s points deduction controversy

Former footballer Tony Cascarino and broadcaster Natalie Sawyer shared a unanimous viewpoint on Everton’s points deduction controversy, labeling the club’s actions as “negligence” during a recent talkSPORT discussion.

The Premier League handed Everton a historic 10-point deduction, leading to the Toffees’ descent into the relegation zone, as relays the Goodison.News. The punishment was meted out due to Everton’s breach of the league’s financial rules, a verdict the club plans to appeal.

Cascarino expressed his concerns during the talkSPORT segment, emphasizing the need for a “test case” to establish the league’s stance on financial rule violations. He questioned Everton’s transparency, pointing out that despite claiming honesty, the club had seemingly ignored financial regulations, leading to negligence.

“The only problem I have with all this is that if they’ve been transparent and everything’s above board, it’s clear as day you ignored a lot. You must have known you can’t spend the way you have. That’d be an issue for me. You’ve gone ‘yeah, we’ve been honest and transparent, we’ve shown everything,’ but you’ve also ignored it. That’s what they’ve done as a football club,” remarked Cascarino during the discussion.

Sawyer concurred with Cascarino’s assessment, affirming the fans’ frustration with the perceived negligence at the club. The Premier League’s decision to penalize Everton has positioned them as the “test case” for enforcing financial regulations, a move that has sparked considerable debate.

Despite comparisons with other clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea facing similar accusations, each case remains unique. Everton supporters, fearing the consequences of mismanagement over the years, have now witnessed the repercussions of their club’s actions.

The points deduction places Everton in a challenging position, potentially jeopardizing their long-standing status as a top-flight club. However, with opportunities to climb back up the table, staying afloat remains the primary focus amidst the ongoing controversy.