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Tottenham have only one choice following latest managerial fiasco


It is time that Tottenham Hotspur leadership get out of their own way and do the only sensible thing they should have done to begin win, hire Antonio Conte, writes the HotspurHQ.

For the last two years, things have been particularly tough for Tottenham Hotspur fans. The team went from Champions League finalist to almost out of Europe. Now the odds are growing by the day that one of our own, Harry Kane, is going to be leaving N17 for greener pastures. And to top things off, Spurs have been without a permanent manager for two months.

Fans were seemingly resigned to Roma’s leftovers with Paulo Fonseca, who himself then fell out of contention from the same thin air from whence he came. But the most recent rumor of Gennaro Gattuso is the straw the broke the camel’s back. Never before have I seen so many fans talk about quitting on the club, who has seemingly quit on us. Fortunately, the fan fervor won out in the end.

For the moment, yes it can be considered a win for those fans who were so adamant against Gattuso but the entire fiasco stinks.

If the rumors were even true, Gattuso was likely a smokescreen making whoever is even less desirable than Fonseca – say, Roberto Martinez or Gareth Southgate – palatable for the fanbase. Or maybe Levy just wanted Paratici to see for himself what would happen if he started looking against the DNA of the club.

Any way we slice it the last 24 hours has been more of the same we have gotten for the last two months, the run-around.

Given one episode after another from this club over the last two years, there really is only one real solution at this point. Daniel Levy has painted himself into a corner with fans and by proxy has already done the same to incoming Managing Director of Football Paratici. This corner is so small, there really is only one acceptable option.

No, do not say Mauricio Pochettino, he has a job and has yet to say he wants to come back.

Conte is an available winner. People can talk about DNA all day long but what the club needs to do is win and win soon. Yes, there is a rebuild that is needed but it does not have to be a painfully arduous process. There are several areas where Conte would immediately improve the club.

West Ham went from the bottom half to Europe in a season. Leicester City went from the relegation zone to Premier League champions. In neither instance did the teams spend huge but they did build by investing smartly and had the right people leading the teams.

Maybe Conte will only be at the club for 2 or 3 seasons but if that includes 2 or 3 trophies it would be worth it. Conte did not mortgage the future of Chelsea to win in the Premier League. Yes, they spent big but that core also just won the Champions League after Conte left, as the cupboard was not empty.

We have heard talk from Daniel Levy about investing in the club. It is time to end the charade of a managerial search and do what should have been done a month ago and give Conte whatever he needs to get started. At this point, unless Pochettino leaves Paris, there really is only one move that will satisfy the fan base, which is hiring a proven winner in Conte.

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