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Tottenham will clash with Leicester City in race to sign current Barcelona star midfielder


According to transfer news from Leicestershire Live, Tottenham target Philippe Coutinho is now being chased by Leicester City, informs ToTheLaneAndBack.

Spurs, Arsenal and Leicester are said to be the three Premier League sides who have kept open the possibility of a transfer for the Brazilian.

The 29-year-old joined Barcelona in January 2018 from Premier League champions Liverpool. However, his dream move to Camp Nou has been a disaster. Having failed to make any sort of impact in his first 18 months at the club, the playmaker was loaned out to Bayern Munich.

Coutinho fared decently in Bavaria, playing a handy role in Bayern’s successful 2019/20 campaign. However, on his return to Barcelona, he had another underwhelming season, bogged down by injuries.

Barcelona are not exactly keen on keeping the Brazilian and that has led to speculation that he would return to the Premier League. However, sides such as Chelsea and both Manchester clubs have been ruled out. But Spurs, Arsenal and Leicester have a chance to go for him.

“Some clubs have refused to address the hiring of Coutinho, such as United, City and even Chelsea. This is the case of Tottenham and Leicester, the two teams that kept the door open for Coutinho. Both finally qualified for the Europa League and they already know what their reality is and if they can go for Coutinho. It will be from now on when the moment of truth begins. The moment when you must determine your future. He has three options on the table: Arsenal, Leicester and Tottenham.”

Coutinho, despite his struggles at Barcelona, is a proven commodity in the Premier League. The Brazilian had done brilliantly during his time at Liverpool. It remains to be seen if Tottenham do move for him this summer.

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