‘We can clearly see that’ – The words Sean Dyche keeps telling Everton players behind the scenes

Since his appointment in January, Sean Dyche has been reminding his Everton team of their capabilities, which he believes will help build a winning mentality from within, as reports the LiverpoolEcho.

The team has won three out of their first eight matches, along with two draws, which has moved them out of the relegation zone. Dyche highlighted that the players are all skilled, and he has seen what some of them have accomplished in the game. He emphasized the importance of persevering through setbacks and building a strong work ethic and defensive mindset.

Dyche believes that when the team focuses on the basics and works hard, their quality will shine through, which has been evident in recent games. Despite this, there is still work to be done, and Dyche is optimistic about the team’s future prospects.

He said: “You have got to remember; I see the work on the training ground. I see the detail.

“We are on a nice little run of form. Of course, football is about results, but there has to be something behind the results. There has to be a way you are going in order to get these results. I have said it many times recently, you will take a lucky one.

“Everyone will take a lucky one. But there has to be a future in what you are doing. There has to be a way you are working that is actually getting the points and wins.

“I think we can clearly see that. I am really pleased with that from the players’ point of view. They are adapting, learning and working. Even at places like Stamford Bridge.

“I know Chelsea have been a bit up and down, but they’d just previously won three on the trot. You see the quality and money they have spent.

“But we are shaking all of that off and reminding ourselves that we are a good group, an effective group of players. That can only add to the layers and mentality that I keep talking about.”