‘We have to take them out’ – Dyche understands the biggest problem he needs to solve for Everton

Sean Dyche is cognizant of the major challenge that needs to be addressed in order to move Everton forward. The team’s error-prone nature cost them a crucial victory over Nottingham Forest, with Abdoulaye Doucoure’s cheaply given away ball leading to Brennan Johnson’s late equalizer.

Dyche believes that every mistake is being punished at this critical stage of the season, and he is determined to find a solution. He has already identified publicly the five mistakes that have hurt the team since his appointment. Dyche had discussed these errors at a pre-match press conference on Friday, including the ones made at Anfield, the concession of a penalty while the game with Aston Villa was goalless, and the Idrissa Gana Gueye mistake that allowed Arsenal to take the game out of reach last week.

These errors have all contributed to Everton’s defeats. Whether Dyche can find a solution to this problem or not will significantly impact Everton’s future.

Dyche explained: “I think the resilience [of his side] has been pretty good. We make two mistakes in the Liverpool game, one in the Villa game and then Gana’s the other night.”

“Those four individual errors are not helpful and they change the look of how it is. We eradicate them and we are already looking better. Of course we have to take them out.”