‘We have to use it’ – Sean Dyche highlights double Everton frustration after Finch Farm talks

Sean Dyche believes that Everton’s players must demonstrate the necessary mindset to meet the challenge of ensuring the club’s survival in the Premier League, informs the LiverpoolEcho.

After the team suffered a second consecutive home game collapse in the second half, the Blues boss spoke with his players about the need to exhibit the determination to overcome the ongoing battle against relegation. Following the defeat to Newcastle United, Everton currently sit second from the bottom and risk being left behind by those outside the bottom three, despite Leeds United and Nottingham Forest losing over the weekend.

Sean Dyche spoke about the need for Everton’s players to demonstrate the mental toughness required to keep the team in the Premier League, ahead of their crucial Monday night fixture against Leicester City. The manager had conversations with the players at Finch Farm, emphasizing the importance of having the willpower to compete and perform during the end-of-season run-in.

Dyche acknowledged that the team’s recent collapse against Newcastle United was not a result of poor tactics, but rather a lack of focus and mentality to see the game through after conceding the second goal. He identified nerves, tension, injuries, suspensions, and changes to the starting lineup as contributing factors to the team’s recent struggles. Despite some positive performances under his leadership, Dyche highlighted the second halves against Fulham and Newcastle as major setbacks for the team.

“Like we did at Chelsea and against Tottenham and we got good points. Then the second half against Fulham and the second half against Newcastle, we clearly haven’t affected that. [The 0-0 draw with] Crystal Palace was a bit of a flat one, from both teams I thought. We had our chances but that was a bit of an indifferent one. The two that stick in my craw a bit are the second half against Fulham and the second half with Newcastle, without a shadow of doubt.”

“Sometimes it is not as basic as that because there is a lot of detail that goes into it but it is a dual responsibility. What is our knowledge and their knowledge, to make sure they are in a good place to take on the next challenge or the next five challenges. We have to use it, we can talk about it all we want, we have to use it.”