West Ham’s rising talent Divin Mubama receives clear message amid contract talks

West Ham United’s young talent, Divin Mubama, has recently received a significant message from the club’s hierarchy, indicating a pivotal moment in his career, relays the Hammer.News. The 19-year-old striker made a notable impact as a second-half substitute against Burnley, drawing praise from football pundits and fans alike.

Despite limited playing time this season, Mubama showcased his potential during the Premier League clash at Turf Moor, raising questions about his contract situation with the club. Hammers manager David Moyes, previously hesitant in providing substantial game time, may now be considering a more prominent role for the talented forward.

Mubama’s rejection of a new contract offer from West Ham has sparked concerns among supporters, especially considering his impressive performance against Burnley. The young striker’s abilities have been highlighted, with comparisons favoring him over experienced players like Danny Ings and the injured Michail Antonio.

According to reports from Claret and Hugh, West Ham’s directive to Mubama is to prioritize playing minutes for the senior team over immediate financial gains from a new contract. This strategic advice aligns with the belief that a successful stint in the first team will naturally lead to a more lucrative contract in the future.

The report suggests that Mubama is poised for regular appearances in the coming weeks, presenting a significant opportunity for the youngster to establish himself as a regular starter for the Hammers. The club’s decision to emphasize on-field performance over contract negotiations indicates confidence in Mubama’s potential impact.

As West Ham faces a packed schedule, Mubama’s chance to shine has arrived. The club’s message urging the young striker to focus on his football rather than contract negotiations reflects a commitment to nurturing and showcasing emerging talent. Over the next few games, all eyes will be on Divin Mubama as he aims to prove his worth and secure a significant role in the Hammers’ lineup.