West Tam reportedly found a cheaper and faster alternative to Harry Maguire

West Ham United’s quest to strengthen their defensive ranks has taken an unexpected turn, as their pursuit of Harry Maguire has reportedly hit a snag, relays the TBR. According to The Guardian, the potential deal for Maguire is now off the table, prompting the Hammers to explore alternative center-back options. Quick to adapt, the club is reportedly engaging in discussions to secure Bayer Leverkusen’s Odilon Kossounou as a potential solution. With Kossounou’s impressive attributes and Tim Steidten’s familiarity with the player from their time at Leverkusen, this strategic pivot could offer West Ham a much-needed injection of youth and modernity to their backline.

In light of the unforeseen setback in their pursuit of Harry Maguire, West Ham has swiftly shifted their focus to Odilon Kossounou. Alan Nixon, writing on his Patreon, has revealed that the Hammers are currently in talks about securing the services of the Bayer Leverkusen defender. Kossounou’s profile aligns with West Ham’s aspirations for a long-term center-back solution, setting the stage for an intriguing potential partnership.

At just 22 years old, Odilon Kossounou possesses qualities that could redefine West Ham’s defensive dynamics. Notably, Kossounou’s exceptional speed sets him apart as one of Europe’s fastest defenders. The Speeds Database has recorded his top speed at an impressive 20.46 mph, a figure that even outpaces Liverpool’s Luis Diaz. This speed presents a modern and dynamic element that could significantly enhance West Ham’s defensive capabilities.

Tim Steidten’s prior association with Kossounou during their shared time at Bayer Leverkusen adds a layer of insight to West Ham’s pursuit. With Steidten’s awareness of Kossounou’s abilities, the Hammers can strategize a move that aligns with their long-term vision for defensive reinforcement. Kossounou’s youth and potential for growth further amplify his appeal as a promising investment for the club’s future endeavors.

While Kossounou represents a compelling option for West Ham’s defensive lineup, securing his services may prove a challenging task. Bayer Leverkusen’s valuation of £35 million for the player contrasts with West Ham’s preference of a £25 million fee or an innovative loan-and-pay-later approach. The negotiations could prove intricate, especially considering Leverkusen’s reluctance to part ways with another key player following Moussa Diaby’s move to Aston Villa earlier in the summer.

West Ham United’s agile response to the unexpected halt in their pursuit of Harry Maguire showcases the club’s adaptability and determination to strengthen their defensive ranks. Odilon Kossounou’s emergence as a potential alternative presents a fascinating proposition, blending youth, speed, and modernity to the Hammers’ backline. Tim Steidten’s familiarity with Kossounou adds a strategic edge to West Ham’s pursuit, although navigating the negotiations with Bayer Leverkusen will be a challenge. As West Ham continues to fine-tune their summer transfer strategy, the addition of Kossounou could mark a pivotal step in shaping the club’s defensive future.