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‘When we look to Gareth’ – Former Tottenham boss Mourinho has taken a new dig at Bale


Former Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho has taken a new dig at Gareth Bale.

Mourinho has taken a shot at Bale, who was on-loan at Spurs from Real Madrid, after giving his thoughts on Wales’ Euro 2020 hopes this summer.

He told The Sun: “Over the years Wales have relied a lot on Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey, the two most talented players in the country.

“But when I look to the club season and how many matches Ramsey played at Juventus… there were lots of injuries.

“When we look to Gareth and how many great performances he had, how many goals he scored against the best teams, there were not many or none.

“It’s not an easy situation for a country without many options.

“But they are always well organised and know how to create a situation to try to get the best out of the more talented players.”

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