‘You don’t just hope’ – Sean Dyche explains what he’s trying to change at Everton

Sean Dyche is determined to establish a culture of winning at Everton, despite the team’s recent struggles. The manager, who has been in charge for just over a month, has already led the team to two victories but knows that more is required to avoid relegation.

To achieve long-term success, Dyche is focusing on addressing issues within the club and being transparent with the players about his goals. While the team’s recent performances have been inconsistent, Dyche believes that important work is taking place behind the scenes, where he has introduced new ideas and approaches.

He is pleased with the open-mindedness of both staff and players and their willingness to accept changes. Developing a strong relationship between the coaching team and players is crucial to the team’s success on the pitch, according to Dyche, who believes that a well-designed approach is necessary for consistent long-term success.

Dyche explained (via Liverpool Echo):

“If that respect grows, that doesn’t win you a game, but we are on about trying to transform a group to win more games and it is a process and that is what we are in now. There is no naivety, I know you have to win games – by hook or crook – but I always try and plan a way of working that wins games because you need longevity. If you win a few by luck then that is great, we all take it and it is amazing, but there is no real future in just hoping. You don’t just hope to do well, we try to design to do well and explain that to the players – every step we make, everything is explained to the players.”